Yacht Management

We are the market leaders in yacht management; we would love to make your boat ownership experience much easier please contact us for more details.


Many Yacht owners have difficulty managing and maintaining their yachts in the midst of their busy lifestyles. They aren’t able to truly enjoy sailing their luxurious yachts over the crystal blue waters without having to worry about all the yachting management details. This is when Sinatra Yachts excels, we are here to make your yacht experience smoother and more enjoyable. We are here to lighten up the burden of having to deal with all yachting management issues and sort them out for you.


Sinatra Yachts is a professional yacht management company & one of the top yacht rental companies in the UAE with an extensive team of dedicated specialists. Once you contract with us for yacht management services, we take care of maintaining and servicing your investment while you retain owner privileges. If your yacht is not already booked, it is available to you. And, when your vessel is being rented by others for their corporate or personal use, you are recouping on your investment.